Blagojevich Message to Edgar: “Bring It On”

Monday, August 22, 2005
By The Leader-Chicago Bureau

CHICAGO - Pete Giangreco, Governor Blagojevich’s political spokesman, is not waiting for former Governor Jim Edgar to make his eagerly anticipated decision on whether or not he will run for Governor.

Today, in Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax, a newsletter that covers Illinois politics, Giangreco was given the space to offer his comparison between the Edgar record during his tenure as Governor from 1991-1999 and the Blagojevich record in the current Governor’s first three years in office.

Giangreco’s commentary perhaps provides some insights as to what the Blagojevich campaign would do to quickly tarnish the Edgar record.

Giangreco compared the two men’s records on taxes, the death penalty, managing state government and the overall numbers of the respective administrations from his view.

Wrote Giangreco (excerpted):

The Death Penalty

Edgar's other main issue in the 1994 campaign was the death penalty. His ads relentlessly attacked Democratic candidate Dawn Clark Netsch on the issue. As Governor, Edgar refused to commute the death sentences for innocent men who have now been cleared by DNA evidence. Even George Ryan understood the flaws in the system and enacted the moratorium (which Blagojevich has continued), putting Edgar on the wrong side of history. Well, what's a few innocent men in jail?

Well, I guess if Edgar can convince people to ignore the issues, forget the facts, and take a giant step backwards into yesteryear, then his candidacy may be viable.

Until then, in honor of Governor Blagojevich's career as a Golden Gloves boxer, as they say in the fight game, let's get ready to rumble.

Miller will reportedly give Edgar a chance to respond to the Giangreco column in a forthcoming issue.

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