Man Accused Of Killing Wife, Son Back In Court

Defense Attorney Wants Taped Statement Kept Out Of Trial

LOUISVILLE -- A man accused of killing his wife and their son returned to court Thursday.

For the first time, the statement he gave to police right after he was arrested was played for the court, WLKY NewsChannel 32's Julia Harding reported.

Just after Christmas 2003, Betty Jean Windsor and 8-year-old Corey Windsor were found dead in their Louisville apartment. It didn't take long for investigators to suspect Shawn Windsor, but it took until July 2004 before they found him hiding out in North Carolina.

Once Windsor was arrested, his recorded statement to police suggested he was unaware of -- and unaffected by -- the deaths of his family members:

Officer: "Do you know your estranged wife, Betty Jean, and son Corey were murdered?"
Windsor: "I had no idea."
Officer: "You don't know they're dead?"
Windsor: "No."

In court Thursday, Windsor's defense attorney told the judge that he doesn't want that tape allowed in court during the trial, Harding reported. The prosecution, of course, is arguing to let jurors hear it. Both sides have 30 days to submit their briefs before the judge will make a decision.

Prosecutor Carol Cobb said Thursday that the push by Windsor's attorney is not surprising.

"Anytime a defendant gives incriminating statements, they'll seek to have it oppressed," she said.

Windsor's trial is slated to begin in July. He could get the death penalty if convicted.

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